Spijkers en Spijkers is the brainchild of twin-sisters Truus and Riet Spijkers. The label has since its foundation in 2001 built an instantly recognizable and desirable style: one known for its graphic detailing, and distinct use of color.  The twin-designers have an historical fascination with the 1920’s that clearly reflect in their work. Their designs compliment a woman’s body and mind and therefore bring out her essence and inner youth regardless of age. This makes a woman confident, lively and radiant, so she can live her full potential.

Dutch Modernism, De Stijl, and Dutch masters such as Mondriaan and Rietveld have influenced the designers unique style. Spijkers en Spijkers make intelligent and clearly designed women’s clothing. The designs are avant-garde with a degree of timelessness, crafty and fair made in Europe.

The Twin-sisters are inseparable and complement each other perfectly: Truus is the painter, she thinks in style and color, while Riet is the sculptor, turning their mutual ideas into three-dimensional pieces. They like to work with clear geometrical forms, and use them to emphasize the female body in a strong and independent way.

The Spijkers en Spijkers style is loved by many Dutch and international celebrities. One of their famous ambassadors is Queen Maxima, she showed her appreciation for the brand by wearing the designs on several occasions.

Truus and Riet graduated from one of the most famous fashion design Academy in Europe- ArtEZ (Arnhem College of Arts). The duo received numerous awards and prizes for their work and were granted with the Prins Bernard Cultuur Prijs Modestipendium for 2013. The most prestigious and Royal award for fashion design in the Netherlands.